Saturday, June 29, 2013

Lookit All These Gators

I can't draw myself right so I became an alligator instead
this is it, my true form, my innermost beauty
I actually have a bright pink hoodie in real life, it makes me look fab.

gator sketches and warmup doodles from the past month
includes Animal Crossing-style gatorsonas because New Leaf is all over the place and boy do I want it.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Family Trip Sketch Dump

Finally got around to dumping the rest of my sketches from my family trip a few months ago.

I was working thru robot personality headcanons hence the writing - not sure why I tried to scribble it out, I was probably indecisive and felt it was subject to change even tho it really hasn't
now if only I could apply that personality to my drawings rather than repeating the same disembodied grumpy face ten thousand times. :|

tried to draw the technology behind his speed thus a poor attempt at a pelvic engine done without reference or competence
oh well, you get the idea, the engine powers his legs which are light and hollow, along with his arms to reduce overall weight. He'd also have a coolant system more advanced than the average bot since he builds up so much heat from friction.

mostly messing around.

a lot of my sketching sessions consist of drawing silly disembodied faces over and over. oh well, it's fun.
oh yeah, my headcanon personality for him is basically as an 'Adorable Dumbass' - destructive, simple minded, naive and childish, but honest, very straightforward and sincere.

tried to make each bot as distinct as possible from one another, hence the leg designs.
hey is that a decent looking hand over there wow nice

Most of the time I was essentially trying to draw the robot masters with unique faces that could be recognizable without the rest of the head.
Oil Man is fun to go more cartoony with and Top Man's just a smarmy ball of fun. (the cleft chin one is Saturn)

I can draw everyone else better than the FLAGSHIP CHARACTER of this series, how depressing.

I thought of robots as Ponies until I thought Eh that's been done, how about drawing them as actual badass robot horses
which was a great idea until I discovered I can't quite draw horses but oh well.
I should try these again, Fire Horse looks pretty bamf.

I forgot to mention most of these family trip drawings were scribbled in an easy chair while watching TV at the same time, which explains the laziness.
I basically ran out of ideas when I got to Cut Man.

okay the rest of these are from an attempt at a Mega Man Horror AU and are pretty nasty... 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

About Blogging

An old silly thing I scribbled during a family trip a few months ago.
I was planning on drawing it better digitally but now I have other things to work on and basically lost interest so whatever here’s my blog in a nutshell.
all pen on printer paper, no pencil.

Story Rant - Little Witch Academia

A little rant examining the story of Little Witch Academia, an animated short by studio Trigger
Pardon my weirdness, most of this is getting my excitement over this lovely short off my chest.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Doodles and E3 Thoughts

it's been getting uncomfortably warm lately, one day I doodled these as some stress relief and thought they were interesting.

woke up annoyingly early to catch the 7am Nintendo Direct the other day, so I doodled while listening to this spankin' new Vocaloid song Raspberry Monster while waiting for it to start. The video's pretty rad and I have a soft spot for girls who punch things so I drew this character and liked it, then spent most of the morning messing with it while crying blogging about all the E3 and Nintendo Direct news over on Tumblr. I'll draw her better some other time.

Speaking of E3 - good grief so much craziness! From Microsoft shooting themselves in the foot and Sony subsequently rubbing it in their faces, to new IPs and indie games like Watch Dogs and Transistor, to tear-inducing announcements like Kingdom Hearts 3 (GASP) and Smash Bros. 4, but here's the real kicker:

MEGA MAN! MEGA MAN IN SMASH BROTHERS! Quite literally a dream come true, despairing mega man fans are coming out of the woodwork and rising from their graves over this news! In one minute and a half trailer Nintendo has probably done more for the mega man fanbase than Capcom has in the past 5 years. I could write an essay on how great he looks and how wonderfully Nintendo has done him justice, but in short I'm just ecstatic! (please go watch the trailer it is amazing)

And what's more a Villager from Animal Crossing and of all things, the Wii Fit Trainer are also joining the fray! What a time to be alive! This is pretty much my first time seriously watching and participating in anything from E3, and I'm very happy I did! There's nothing quite like hundreds of people screaming with excitement over video games, no arguments, only joy. 
I'll definitely have to draw something in honor of some of these events, look out for that.

Now if I could even afford any next-gen consoles or games...

Monday, June 3, 2013

Elec Bust

A quick bust of Elec Man based on a request on Tumblr. Took the opportunity for some quick ink and color practice. Bonus sketch version.
I haven't drawn robots in a while and it shows. =/
I'll draw more Mega Man things eventually, I still have plenty of ideas and such.