Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bleh update + Cactus Girl + Old project

Jee whiz a whole new year and a whole lotta NOTHING from me I am so sorry. D=

2012 hasn't been to kind to my family and I, the last couple months were probly the worst BUT this is not the place to talk about that aheheheh. 
Basically, family issues, holidays and sickness have been keeping me busy and draining my self-motivation. 
I have been drawing but most of it is on paper and we don't have a scanner so meh. =(

While I was kinda sick with a headcold I revisited an original character I made for a hand-drawn animated film back in college. (I also drew some ugly anime eyes haha)

I'm bad with names so I just call her Cactus Girl. She's a sweet, happy-go-lucky little gal, also very affectionate, but no one likes hugging her 'cause she's a cactus. (I'm terrible ahaha xD)

She was originally one of a classroom of monster children in a monster elementary school. the plot revolved around a new teacher who comes in and tries to teach them magic but since they're monster kids TERRIBLE AND HILAROUS THINGS HAPPEN. At one point Cactus Girl was set on fire. XD

I felt obligated to make it up to her by redesigning her and making her nice and pretty. =3
The pic on the bottom with the check mark is the one I liked the most/spent most effort on so I blew it up. I may use her in an animation someday so I'm settling on this design, however I might remove her floaty eyebrows since they get kinda lost between her eyelashes, bows, thorns and pigtails. Basically, too many lines up there.

The film project itself was kind of a scatterbrained disaster and the final movie file was never shared so I don't have much to show for my hard work (character designs, storyboards, animation, inking and coloring) T_T 
All I got is my character designs, storyboards for a deleted sequence, and some ugly pencil tests.
Here's some monster kid concepts where Cactus Girl originated:
Wow she looked kinda fat and plain back then haha. Only her and the chameleon made it in the film, but the chameleon was redesigned by somebody else into something quite different. (he became a cute fat little chameleon haha)

I designed a little centaur kid too, I might revisit him as well since he's pretty cute =3 I based him more off a donkey since donkeys are kinda cute hehe. He was the shy cowardly kid who eventually got transformed into a pinata (the square-ish versions of him on the right side) and beaten up by the other kids for candy. Like I said, terrible and hilarious.

Ok wow this got kinda long so that's it for now, Cheers.