Thursday, March 28, 2013

Something seems OFF

My first decent OFF fanart and of course it's a dumb comic thing.

I randomly thought of this while trying to fall asleep one night, and it took most of my willpower to keep from waking the whole house with laughter.

I have several pages of sketches about this game I'm planning to scan later today. Nah I'm not obsessed or anything ahahaha *fills ten more pages with OFF drawings*

Friday, March 22, 2013

Silly Things

 Some silly things I've been doing recently.

A silly idea I came up with when I thought of mispronouncing robot master names in silly voices.
Left to right: Quick Man = Quack Man, Air Man = R Man (or Arr Man), Jewel Man = Jew Man, Cut Man = Cat Man, and Flash Man = Flush Man

This is an inside joke - some Mega Man fans like to pair up Quick Man and Rock (Mega Man's actual name) so here's a dumb visual pun with my quack man.

This is quick and dirty fan art of the main character from a recently translated indie french game simply called OFF. (download and play it for free!) Basically, you guide a mysterious baseball player called The Batter as he journeys to purify the world by beating the crap out of ghosts and monsters. There's a lot more but I won't spoil anything.
It's gaining quite the fanbase on Tumblr and other places. It looks pretty awesome, I'm about to play it this very moment in fact! Be warned, it's rather dark and twisted from what I've seen.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Have some Rolls! (they're delicious)

Here's some Mega Man/Rockman fan art I've been doing lately. It's my own little interpretation of mega man's house-sitting sister, Roll!

These were all drawn in Adobe Flash, by the way.
Here's some official art I used for reference:

Latest artwork of her original design
During and after Mega Man 8 she looked like this for a time
I noticed she always had rather large bangs, so I thought it would be fun to exaggerate that and give her a more mature, mellow look. Maybe over the years she becomes a little less of  a coward and more of a big-sister-type for her hero brother? He could probably use the emotional support, I dunno.

Her original design is cute but I think I like her Mega Man 8 look a bit more, it's more fun to draw and simply adorable! If anything, her tank top dress + sandals would be her summer outfit and the long-sleeved one + boots would be more ideal for colder seasons. Err, if robots were actually bothered by heat and cold - I like to think most robots in the Mega Man universe are advanced enough to sense those kinds of things.
Ok, enough of my rambling.

The ~jeminy3 signature is my alternative online name, these pieces and more are up on my (far less professional) deviantart and tumblr sites. Feel free to visit if you're tired of me not updating here often enough! 
(be warned I'm serious about the less professional thing)

Friday, March 8, 2013

Quick Update

If anyone was wondering where I've been, I just got back from a 1-week vacation with family a few days ago.

I have plenty of drawings, but they're all on paper - and we don't have a scanner. =/
Oh well, it's nice to practice anyway.