Friday, May 31, 2013

Big Bad Batter Dump

Most of my drawings lately are sketches and warmup doodles done between actual work so I may as well post the best ones. 
Done over the past few months, I date almost everything because I like being organized and it's easier to see how I've improved.
Yeah it's more things from OFF whoops oh well

giving the batter weird eyeballs seems to be a thing among OFF fans so I practiced painting eyeballs and faces and such
personally I like drawing the ghostly "no pupils + hasn't slept in ten years" look
I was pretty proud of that portrait done in like 20 min

I tried giving him more eyes as a facial deformity or something but it wasn't turning out that well and gave up
bonus filler doodle
not much bro how you doin'

I liked that last sketch so I messed around with it more
I tried drawing cleft/exposed lips since I was still on a facial deformity kick

part of a larger unfinished sketch which wasn't very good

tried the white eyes thing on bad batter with a twist
they are aren't fully white, the irises/pupils are just a very pale grey and hard to see unless looking closely. I kinda like it

sometimes I mess around and draw loose and silly
those hands are interesting

This one's more fixed-up cuz I like how it turned out =]

All were done in Photoshop except the last one, which was done in Flash


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Highlights From Weekend Vacation With Extended Family

Came home last night, felt like writing a semi-stream-of-consciousness sorta thing for my amusement at least since I had a really good time. Most of this was written rather late at night, some weirdness shows.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Studio Killers Doodle!

My copy of the new Daft Punk CD came in the mail, but before then I spent all day listening to Studio Killers, so here's a quick and dirty doodle of Chubby Cherry!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Old Roll Sketches

A best-of compilation of Roll sketches done during my family vacation back in March. These led up to those digital Roll arts I did a while back.

Ballpoint pen on printer paper, no pencil.