Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Work from 3D Animation, Winter 2010

Here's some of my animations from my very first course in computer animation, using Autodesk Maya. Not all of them are here because I either couldn't find the latest version, or it wasn't very good. x) Also, one of our assigments was just posing a character, so no animation there.
Refer to each video's description for more details.

Old Squirrel Ball Animation, Feb 2010

Old Character Walk Cycle, March 2010

Flour Sack Suicide, March 2010

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Work from Storyboarding class, Nov/Dec 2009

I was a tad disappointed with this class - in the first few weeks we learned some basic storyboarding tips/techniques and how to compose/present our drawings, and the rest of the quarter was just free time to storyboard commercials (or our own animated short). We just turned stuff in on the appointed dates and didn't even get feedback or critiques.
Ah well, I still have my storyboarding textbook, and I've learned a lot through other film and drawing classes in my program.

These were done back before I had my own tablet and had to keep renting one from the school, so I wasn't very good with it.
These old drawings sorta make me cringe; I can draw way better than this nowadays!

I boarded 4 commercials and 1 animated short, but I'll only post my first commercial to save space, (they're a whole bunch of jpgs) and give an idea of what I did in the class. These are very old and far from my best work, so I don't really want to take the time to turn them into animatics.

Here's my cat-centered version of this commercial: http://youtu.be/Z3aP5Ks7e1s

The turtle part still amuses me, it's probably the best short of the bunch.

Monday, June 13, 2011

June 2011 Character Animation Demo Reel

Character Animation Demo Reel June 2011 from Jenny Meinecke on Vimeo.

My latest character animation work.
I know it's a bit backwards, but expect more posts of my older schoolwork once summer break starts up next week. =)