Monday, April 1, 2013

OFF Sketch Dump

I have a lot of sketches scanned, I'll be uploading them in batches as I fix 'em up.

First is more OFF fanart - I haven't even finished this stupid game yet what is this what is my life

Nothing fancy here, mechanical pencil and ballpoint pen on printer paper

yeah I draw pretty messy on paper
sometimes I draw things in really sassy poses
yes I studied baseball sock designs it's very important to me :|
some fans like to draw Batter with 4 eyes so I ran with it
that one face turned out bad trust me
sorry I saw this and thought it was funny (and hot?) so um yeah
only half a page so I added filler cake and me dying of embarassment
I've been writing down all the clues I find to help with the puzzles, luckily I've played enough adventure games to make this a habit
Everything here is all pen, no pencil, so I like how they turned out
I am steadily getting better at drawing men's hair, very good
I came up with the weird dress textures while scribbling around and going 'hmm let's try something' and remembering a book by one of my inspirations, The Towers of Numar by Michel Gagne

 More to come!