Sunday, October 24, 2010

Work from 2D Animation Principles

My first experience working with pencil-and-paper animation, I think I had this class in my 2nd or 3rd quarter.
The first assignment consisted of the two most basic animation exercises, a pendulum and a bouncing ball. The pendulum focused on timing and had to loop smoothly, while the ball taught physics and had to bounce 3 times and settle to a stop.

Pendulum Animation

Bouncing Ball Animation

I think the next assignment this one, where we animated a character stretching. I remember animating most of this backwards for some reason.

Character Stretching Animation

Next was our first walking animation, we had to make a character take 3 steps. This one looks really "stompy" because I copied the example poses a bit too well.

Three Step Walk Animation

Then we had to make a walk cycle that held the character in place. I made a zombie character for fun, and tried to make him slump and flop all over. It kind of worked...

Zombie Walk Cycle

The next assignment was more complex, we had to animate a flour sack climbing up a slide, then sliding down it. We had to use a second layer of paper for the background, I outlined mine in pen to make it stand out more.

Floursack Slide Animation

There was a final project, which was basically 5 second animation of whatever we wanted, but unfortunately my idea was a bit too ambitious for me at the time and I never completely finished. What little I have of it was really rushed and just looks crappy. It was a decent idea, though - basically an alligator cowboy walks into a bar, tries to get a drink, but it gets shot out of his hand, so he gets mad and pulls out his gun.