Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Deer Project Previews!

Some previews of my next little mini project - I've been looking through some old college projects and decided to try finishing or remaking the ones that were unfinished or barely passable.

First up is an animation of a deer jumping through a forest - the original was done in Maya and was too bleh to bother posting here. I'll be remaking it in Flash to train myself in the program and some animation techniques.

Here's some reference drawings and a test animation incorporating frame and tween based animation:

Boing, boing....

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Quick Sketches: Dragons

Some quick and dirty dragon head sketches for Photoshop practice - I tend to draw these when I can't think of anything else. Though I did attempt some skeletal structure and details.

I've loved dragons since I was in preschool - I've been drawing them since then. In one of my college projects I recreated the way I drew dragons when I was younger - I don't have it anymore (darn) but here's a (very rough) recreation of a recreation:

The one on the left is a recreation of a drawing I did in a little booklet in Preschool where we had to write and draw underneath phrases like "My favorite animal is..." I of course, put dragons.
The one on the right is roughly similar to how I drew dragons and other reptiles through elementary school and beyond. Lots of triangle eyes. =P
Digimon was a big influence on me then, I had a stapled stack of drawings of my own original digimon back then, wish I still had it... Maybe I can try to recreate those next?

Anyways, I actually have some game reviews and accompanying screenshots sitting around, I'll finish those up and post 'em here soon.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Quick Animation - Ball Bouncing Off Wall

A quick animation I made yesterday evening of a ball bouncing off a wall. I know it looks a little weird bouncing off the wall, this rig is a bit tricky to pull off squash and stretch at weird positions like that one. 
Took about 4 hours using Maya 2010, extra time was spent setting up some good render settings and trying out Adobe Media Encoder, which came with my pack of CS4 programs (to my surprise). Between that and my Sony Vegas Platinum 10, I'm all set for pumping out good quality playblasts and renders.

Uploaded to YouTube because no matter what I did the file size was "too small" for Vimeo. Weird!

I'm working out of a bit of a slump/depression creativity-wise, so I'll be producing either a short animation or sketches at least every other day.